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Wrapping and Tinting Questions

What is a wrap?

Vinyl Wrapping is the freshest and most exciting thing to hit the vehicle customising world in years. A vinyl wrap is applied by hand onto a vehicle’s painted surface and you can do this in pretty much any colour or finish. It’s basically a large, high quality sticker that you can completely change the look of your vehicle. You can even install vinyl wrap on all sorts of things such as boat and trailers and now with the new 3m Di-Noc range you can even wrap interior walls, furniture or just about any surface.

How long does it take to wrap a vehicle?

We would usually ask for your vehicle from around 4 days to complete the work. This includes us completely stripping the vehicle including lights, handles and bumpers in most cases. This then brings us to the cleaning; We thoroughly clean and prep the vehicle which includes washing and claying the vehicle before using our special cleaning products to remove any final dirt and grease from the paintwork.

How long does wrap last?

A wrap will typically last for 6+ years depending on the material used and conditions in which the car is cleaned, stored and driven. You can probably guess that keeping the car clean is the most important one!

What is the best brand to use for vehicle wraps and tint?

–  We use a variety of top quality brands such as 3M, Suntek, Avery and Oracal. All of these menrtioned are classed worldwide as the leadings brands on the market. They all have their pros and cons but feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

Do you wrap the inside of the car?

Of course, we can! We can do the inside of the doors and also the backs of the doors upon request. There is an additional charge, and this will obviously up the labour time of your wrap.

How do you clean a wrap?

We always recommend hand washing it yourself with warm soapy water. If you use the Jet Wash, then please take EXTRA care around edges and always keep a safe distance from the vinyl. Please feel free to ask for one of our after-care leaflets to take with you when you leave.

Can a wrap be removed safely?

Yes, a wrap can easily be removed safely without causing any damage. However, there are a few factors to bear in mind in which the removal of a wrap can cause damage to the paint work. If the vehicle has had a previous repair which isn’t to a manufacture standard or if the paintwork has lacquer peel, chips or is flaking then this can also cause problems when removing a wrap and can greater the chance of paint coming off with the wrap.

How long till I can put my windows down after a tint?

– We always ask that you don’t put your windows down for at least seven days to be sure. This is to allow the film to fully dry to the window and so that any loose wet edges don’t catch on the seal of your window. This rule also counts for cleaning the inside of the car! We do recommend not to touch the inside of the glass for seven days.


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