Do’s and Don’t of Vehicle Signage

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Vehicle signage in the UK is gaining popularity. Both small and big businesses are now utilising signwriting to gain attention and promote their services. However, with the increase in attractive eye-catching designs are also unattractive mistakes that are becoming common. 

Today with our post on Do’s and Don’t of Vehicle Signage we aim to inform you about these mistakes and help your business maximise its organic reach in 2023.   


Do’s and Don’ts of Vehicle signage Information:

The amount of information one can add to their vehicle graphics depends on the size of the car and the type of signage. While full car signage wrap offers plenty of space to add a whole paragraph, partial signage has a limited amount of space. This requires you to be effective with your information. 

So, Things you should always add are: 

  • The name of your company
  • Contact information including your phone number, website, email address, etc.
  • Company logo, slogan, and tagline
  • Services 
  • Call to action

Do note that the aim is to promote your services, not your email. This is why if you are limited with space you should never force too much information. Aside from avoiding extra info also avoid the following: 

  • Don’t add any offers 
  • Avoid adding personal information unless mandatory
  • Don’t add testimonials
  • Don’t clutter with information 
  • Avoid using fancy fonts
  • Avoid adding paragraphs

Do’s and Don’ts of choosing Colour and Design: 

Design and colour are two of the most essential aspects of vehicle signage. Not only does the right combination of design and colour help attract attention but also makes people remember and relate. 

The right design and colour help the public associate your vehicle with your brand and make a brand perspective. This aids greatly in making your brand image. 

For example, what does a big red and white bucket of chicken remind you of, most probably KFC?  That’s the effect right branding can offer. 

This is why not only do you need your designs to have the same colour scheme as your brand or product but also maintain uniformity. You should always ensure that your design has:

  • Same or similar colour scheme as your logo
  • Clear lettering with visible fonts
  • Well-defined structure
  • Implement good contrast between content and background
  • Use simple creativity

While maintaining simplicity, avoid having content on the sides and leave plenty of white space. Since you want people to focus on particular content, having your signage covered with information will distribute the attention. But if you have only a few letters highlighted in the middle, it will still grab attention and will be read more often. 

In your signage designs try to not have: 

  • Aggressive, highlighted or shiny colours 
  • Avoid abstract design

Do’s and Don’ts of vehicle signage products: 

When it comes to things like vehicle signage, one should never sacrifice quality over quantity. While vehicle signage does prove expensive, it is a one-time investment that will promote your business for years to come. However, that is when you have used good quality products and implemented a good design. 

As these signage are custom vinyl wraps, they do get damaged and dull over time. Depending on the areas your business vehicle will be driven, the wraps will get chips and scratch marks similar to that of any other wrap. And only good-quality graphics wraps will be able to withstand over time. 

  • Do invest in good-quality signage wraps
  • Do look for affordable options
  • Do invest time and cross-check everything

At the same time, you also want your design to pop out and grab attention. Only a good signage wrap can properly showcase the colour and contrast of your design. Investing in a thick wrap will also help protect your vehicle’s original paint and keep your vehicle looking fresh after years.

  • Don’t go for the classic “cheap and best”

If money is of concern you can consider partial vehicle signage wraps or short decals and lettering, all of which are affordable to full vehicle signage wraps. Though they are less effective due to their smaller sizes, these types of signage still will get your advertising and branding goal fulfilled. 

Do’s and Don’ts of getting vehicle signage done 

If you are running a small business or have limited funds, you can definitely get DIY signage wraps. It will definitely be a lot cheaper and easier. But that’s only feasible when you are doing it on one or two vehicles over a small section.

When a fleet is involved it is a different story. Not only do you need professionals to apply the signage wraps to your vehicle but also a copywriter for the content and a professional designer to design the signage. 

A professional vehicle signage shop like Auto Wrap Manchester can get you all these services in one place. Here you will find trained professionals with decades of experience on end offering practical solutions to your signage problems.   

When visiting a professional signage shop:

  • Do ask for a portfolio
  • Do look at previous work
  • Do talk to the professionals
  • Do get a miniature version first
  • Ask them to walk you through the process

No matter how cheap and accessible it sounds,

  • Don’t go for DIY
  • Don’t hire any professional without cross-checking

Always ensure that the work you are getting is the one you paid for. Don’t settle for poorly done signwriting. And definitely never rush with such a process. Try to have just one vehicle wrapped first, cross-check everything and after successful signage, invest your whole fleet. 

Ensure that you don’t make the mistake mentioned above so you can have a successful advertising campaign with effective signwriting in 2023. Or you can visit us at Auto Wrap Manchester and let us handle everything. 

We will ensure to get your signwriting done the way you want in the most efficient way possible. So visit us today!

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