The Westfield Minibus Wrap

A van with a colorful paint job in a warehouse.

Earlier this month we had the honour of vehicle wrapping a minibus for a very much loved family-run business. They operate in Stockport and Manchester, England. They supply various minibuses and people carriers to local councils and schools etc.

On this occasion, they approached us with this very unique project that was designed by the kids’ at Lisburn special education school. The design came about through a competition at the school. The children were there to draw a design which would eventually be put on a minibus. The bus was designed and made for kids with special needs.

The successful design was created by Bob Marsh from Lisburn school. The design was sent over to us and given to our design team to start this unique and special project. We had to recreate the art from Bob Marsh as it was originally an A4-size crayon drawing that needed to be converted into a digital piece of artwork. This artwork was modified by our in-house team to be lifesize. That way it could be printed and made to fit onto their custom-made minibus. Which has been modified on the inside to be safely padded with calming lighting to help keep the children safe and relaxed. The bus is mostly used at a school location where kids get to sit inside and use the custom interior.

Westfield Mini Bus Signage

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