What Types of Vehicle Graphics and Signage Are There?

A car is parked in front of a building with a colorful wrap.

Vehicle signage is the branding that you see on any potential advertisement space on the vehicle’s body. They are placed on any available surface space that can be applied to vans, cars, lorries, watercraft, milk floats, and trailers.

Full Vehicle Signage

As the name sounds, full-vehicle graphic signage covers the whole vehicle from bumper to bumper. These are the most effective kinds of vehicle graphic wraps that cover everything except the windshield. You will often find these wraps on food trucks that have to attract attention from all sides. 

Aside from being the most effective, full-vehicle signage is also the most expensive as they cover the entire vehicle. But as we shared before, Vehicle signage is a one-time investment that will be worth every penny. 

Ford Focus Sick Festival Vehicle Wrap

Partial Vehicle Signage Wraps 

Partial Vehicle graphics are those that cover the vehicle partially between 25% to 75%. These signage are often great for lorries and vans that have a wide empty area on the sides. Delivery vans are the best example of partial graphic wraps.  

Partial wraps are a lot cheaper than full-body wraps and are also easier to implement. These are great for neutral-colour vehicles where a simple design can stand out and grab attention.    

Spot Stickers and Decals

Spot graphics or decals are small stickers that are often put in one part of the vehicle. Oftentimes these are used on the back of vans or the side of pickup trucks. These are the affordable kind of Vehicle signage wraps that businesses with large fleets and small budgets can use. 

This signage generally contains big logos with attractive tags or quotes to grab attention. Such graphics can only showcase limited information which is why it’s important to be effective with them. 

Vehicle Lettering

If you are still unsure about vehicle signage you can consider Lettering. Vehicle lettering is small two-line sentences that cover some information such as brand or service name, email, or contact number. 

These are the signage that takes the least amount of time, money and space yet are effective at promoting business. Small companies involved in any sort of service industry can greatly benefit from lettering by showcasing their website info or QR code on the side for apps to download. 

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