What exactly is calliper painting?

Calliper painting is exactly what it sounds like! It usually happens during a wheel refurbishment, as we will need to remove the wheel to access the brake callipers.

We separate the calliper using tape, so there is no danger of the paint spreading onto any other part of your vehicle.

A Calliper taped off to protect the rest of the metal. The Calliper and the protective paper are covered in fresh red paint.

Why bother with calliper painting?

If you’re undergoing alloy wheel refurbishment or other customisation to your car, then your callipers might suddenly stand out. The paint can flake and they can look dirty once your car has been driven.

While your vehicle is in for a refurb or other services, then a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference to the overall effect of your changes. We can paint your callipers to blend in, stand out. They can match your interior trim, or the colour of your wrap if you’ve had one. If you have any decals or stripes on your vehicle’s exterior, they can be painted to match these too. Our customer service team can give you more specific information on your options.

Please do be aware that if we paint your callipers, your total workshop time will increase. This is because your drying time will need to be included, and the wheels can’t be re-fitted until the callipers are dry. However, this might not make a difference to your time depending on which services you’re in for. When you book in, our team will be able to advise on this.

If you’d like to speak to our customer service team to book in for calliper painting or for more information, then you can find them here.

A finished Calliper newly painted in bright blue.

Will it ruin the decals?

Unfortunately, we can’t paint around or on top of any decals on your callipers. This will make the paint application look messy and might compromise its lifespan. The best application is on cleaned callipers.

If you have decals or stickers on your callipers, then we can refit new ones once the paint has dried – which will look much better than painting around them! We will need notice for this service so that we can order the decals in time for your appointment. Alternatively, you can provide the decals you’d like us to fit. There is a small additional charge for this, and it might extend your workshop time again.

For more specific details, you can ask our customer service team when booking in.