Advantages of Vehicle Signage

A black truck parked in front of a garage.

Affordable Advertisement: 

One of the biggest benefits of vehicle signage is the free affordable marketing. While standard offline marketing requires businesses to invest in posters, billboards, and newspaper ads. They are not only expensive but also need to be done regularly, vehicle signage is a one-time deal. 

With a little investment, all the company details can be added to your fleet. Which will then be used to promote your business daily without ever spending an extra penny. As these vehicles are meant to be on the road moving regularly. Most likely locally or within cities, it expands the area of promotion immensely as well for your business. 

APL Scania Truck Signage

Improving feeling of Professionalism: 

A company with uniformity among their product and service is always deemed more professional. Vehicle signage helps add the same uniformity to your fleet by maintaining the company look and feel.  

Similar to how workers wear a company logo on their uniform. Having company logos on their fleet of vehicles looks more professional than nothing at all. This also makes them easily recognizable. And trustable as opposed to a plain white van with some guys wearing casual clothes. 

Ford Transit APL Van Signage


Another major advantage of vehicle signage is cohesive branding. Since your vehicles are the very first thing a new customer makes contact with. The way it looks and feels makes the first impression of your company. 

With clear lettering, smart styling and uniform design. Your fleet will look attractive but also connected to your company and its branding. The better impression it leaves on viewers the better branding you will have.   

Flexible Advertising: 

What’s best about vehicle signage is its ability to be flexible on the design, size, colour, feel or quality. Based on the needs of the company vehicle. It can have a single sticker with just your company essentials. Or fully covered from top to bottom in advertising stickers. 

If you want them to be permanent you can have them painted as well. But if you want to keep your options open. Adding a custom vinyl signage wrap will get you the branding you need. With the added ability to change it with something new later in the future. 

As a bonus it also keeps your fleet looking fresh and trendy. Which is even better for businesses that utilise used vehicles in their fleet. Fresh vehicle signage wraps can add a new shine to your old fleet while completely changing viewers’ perspectives.

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