Light Tint Installers

Light Tint Packages

Elevate the aesthetic of your vehicle with our bespoke light tinting services. We understand that light tints are more than just an aesthetic enhancement; they’re a statement of your style. Our light tints provide that aggressive, custom look.

Light Tint Packages

Elevate your vehicle’s style with our tailored Light Tint Packages, offering both front and rear tinting solutions. Choose front tints for enhanced aesthetics without compromising on safety and illumination, adhering to legal standards. Opt for rear tints to achieve a sleek, uniform look, improving privacy and reducing glare. Our variety of shades ensures customization to your preference, all applied seamlessly by our expert technicians for a polished finish. Whether bold or subtle, our packages are designed to give your vehicle a distinctive edge with lasting quality.

Headlight Tinting

Enhance the front-end aesthetics of your vehicle with our premier headlight tinting services. Prioritising both elegance and compliance, our selection of top-grade tints comes in various shades, ensuring durability and a superior finish. Safety isn’t sacrificed for style; we guarantee your headlights will perform to UK road standards, shining with clarity and the right amount of luminescence.

The application of our tints is an art – tailored to fit your vehicle’s specific make and model, promising a bespoke look that’s uniquely yours. Our process assures no compromise on visibility, so you can make a bold statement while remaining safely visible on the road.

Rear Light Tints: The Finishing Touch

Our rear light tinting service is the detail that elevates your vehicle from the commonplace to the extraordinary. It’s a fusion of fashion and function, meticulously cra fted to ensure your car’s visibility remains uncompromised. The tints we apply are rigorously tested to meet UK standards, so your vehicle not only looks exceptional but also maintains the essential safety feature of clear, visible tail lights.

Our application process is flawless, with expert technicians dedicated to ensuring that each tint not only complements your vehicle’s unique design but also preserves the required level of light emission. We believe in crafting a distinct aesthetic for your car without compromising on safety or visibility.

Our Light tint Installation Process

Understanding the process behind our automotive light tinting services will give you confidence in the quality and attention to detail we provide for every vehicle. Our comprehensive approach ensures a superior finish, tailored to your preferences and legal standards.

Initial Consultation

Understanding Your Needs: Discuss your aesthetic goals, privacy requirements, and any specific concerns you may have. Our experts will guide you through the various options available.


Vehicle Inspection: A thorough examination of your vehicle’s lights and windows is conducted to identify any existing damage or areas that require special attention during the tinting process.

Cleaning: We meticulously clean the surface to remove any dirt, debris, or residues. This step is crucial for achieving a smooth, flawless finish.

Tinting Application

Precision Cutting: Our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to precisely cut the tint film according to the unique dimensions of your vehicle’s lights.

Skillful Application: We apply the tint film carefully, ensuring there are no bubbles, creases, or misalignments. Our experienced technicians take every precaution to deliver a seamless finish.

Quality Assurance

Inspection: After the tinting is applied, we perform a detailed inspection to ensure the quality and integrity of the work. This includes checking for any imperfections and ensuring the tint adheres properly without any air pockets.

Final Clean-Up: We conduct a final clean-up to remove any fingerprints or residue, leaving your vehicle looking pristine.

Customer Approval

Review with Customer: Before considering the job complete, we invite you to review the tinting work. We value your satisfaction and encourage feedback to ensure the result meets your expectations.

Types of light tint we can apply

Normal Tints - different levels of tint

There are a variety of tint we can apply to your vehicle, in a wide range of shades and darkness, if you're looking for a more aggressive blacked out look then darker tint is best but if you're looking for a subtle change then just a slight tint can do wonders to the look of your vehicle.

Coloured Tints

The most popular colour tint we apply to the front lights is yellow, but that doesn't mean there's a problem with applying other colours. Do get in touch with us beforehand to discuss legality if it's for a vehicle you'll be driving on the road. If it's a show car or a track car we can install whatever meets your needs.

Light Tint maintenance

Ensuring the longevity and appearance of your automotive light tints is crucial for maintaining your vehicle’s aesthetics and functionality. Follow these guidelines to keep your tints in top condition:


Light tints require minimal maintenance; regular cleaning with soft, non-abrasive cloths and avoiding harsh chemicals is recommended.

Light tints should not void your vehicle warranty if installed professionally; however, it’s at the manufacturers’ discretion should they device to invalidate your warranty. If your vehicle is going in for warranty work it may be worth removing all trace of vinyl tint from your lights.

Yes, light tints can be removed or replaced by professionals without damaging the lights, giving you flexibility in style choices.

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