Can you wrap badges?

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Great question! One of the questions we get asked most about here is Auto Wrap Manchester. Among the quotes we receive daily, whether it’s over the phone or on our quote system, we get asked a LOT, about if we can wrap badges.

The short and simple answer is usually no, we can not wrap your badges. However, this isn’t the case all the time but definitely is the answer 90-95% of the time the question is asked.

Why can’t you wrap my badges?

The reason why we can’t wrap your badges simply comes down to the physics of the vinyl. To be more clear, vinyl can be stretched and manipulated to fit around certain angles and corners and therefore the perception is that we can wrap badges. Unfortunately with vinyl, it can only be stretched and manipulated so much. Basically, it has its limitation! Badges and lettering have such sharp edges, curves and corners that even if we could wrap your badges, the chances of it actually staying down are highly unlikely. Also, let’s not forget the time it would take to actually wrap each individual letter, it really wouldn’t be worth it.

Which badges can you wrap?

As we mentioned above, it is possible to wrap certain badges, although we don’t recommend it. There are certain badges we can get vinyl around and get it to stay down but it isn’t many. You can however wrap a Mercedes star badge but it may be done in two pieces to avoid the wrap failing (popping out) in the sharp corners. There are definitely other badges out there that you may be able to wrap but as a whole, the answer is no!

What do we recommend?

We recommend buying NEW badges in the colour you want which you usually can get on eBay or Amazon. These are usually considerably a lot cheaper than the main dealer. However, if you can’t source them from a third party then we recommend buying your badges from the main dealer.

Can old badges be stuck on?

Yes, most badges can be re-stuck back onto your vehicle. However, it is much more efficient to put new badges on as a replacement when the car is wrapped. Badges also have a small chance of snapping upon removal depending on what badge it is. Bringing new badges in with you for your full wrap means you can choose the colour and have fresh-looking badges to stick on top of your brand-new wrap.

Do you supply badges?

In short term, no we do not supply badges. We leave this responsibility up to the customer! Due to the limitation on where we can get them from, this makes it difficult to plan around delivery times so, we feel as a company that the customer should bring their own badges.

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