Ceramic Coating

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Ceramic coating is a long-life protection from damage and ageing. Once cured, it creates a glass-like layer on a surface. You can have this coating applied directly to your car to protect the paintwork, but it is most useful over a vinyl wrap.

An Audi RS7 wrapped in pine green. It had a invisible ceramic coating on top.

What the benefits of ceramic coating on a vinyl wrap?

Ceramic coating’s main draw is that it increases the lifespan of your wrap. All wrap takes care, but over time the wrap will succumb to general wear and tear. The ceramic coating protects your wrap from bonding with road grime, making it look brand new for longer. It also adds a UV protection layer, which prevents sunlight damage from fading the colour of your wrap.

The coating is also hydrophobic, which protects the vinyl from water damage and leaves a slick, shiny layer. This creates a water-beading effect, which looks amazing and is a major draw for a lot of people!

A red audi s3 parked inside the warehouse.It is extremely shiny due to the ceramic coating.

All vinyl wrap must be cleaned regularly to maintain its quality, and a ceramic coating makes that so much easier. We can advise on the process and products needed to wash ceramic, but the result is always valet-quality for little of your own time!

Ceramic coating gives incredible gloss levels that mitigate any orange-peel effects that can happen with wrap. The coating brings the wrap to life!

How does the ceramic coating process work?

  1. Before the vehicle is brought into the workshop, we give it a full wash and decontamination outside to remove any dirt or impurities.
  2. We then bring the vehicle inside and dry it with towels and the vehicle blower to make sure it’s totally dry.
  3. Next, we machine polish the vehicle to ensure the vinyl or paint is in the best possible condition. This stage includes any vinyl/paint correction if necessary. This also gives us a chance to make sure there’s absolutely no dirt left.
  4. We then prep the surface of the vehicle with an alcohol solution.
  5. We apply layers of ceramic to the wrap, covering every necessary area.
  6. The coating then needs to be left to cure for 12 hours.
  7. Once the coating is cured and we’re happy with the quality of the result, we add the finishing touches: cleaning and polishing any glass, tyres and trim to make sure the vehicle is pristine for collection.
A white car parked outside a warehouse with an invisible ceramic coating on

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