How much is Vehicle Signage in the UK

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The cost of getting vehicle signage done in the UK or anywhere in the world depends on a few factors. Like the design you need, how complex they are, colours, materials, and vehicle.

While the price will surely increase depending on the material you want and the design. What adds greatly to it is the type of signage and the vehicle. Since these are delicate jobs the type of signage dictates the cost. Full, partial or spot will also decide the number of hours put into each vehicle.

Also, it depends on where you want that signage to be. If you have a van and you want partial signage on the side. It would be cheaper as compared to the front. That is because vans on the side have a larger flatter surface area. As opposed to the front and rear where there are more curves and bends.

That being said, the average standard cost of small vehicle signage in the UK is between £400 to £800 per vehicle. This depends on the size and type of vehicle. Custom signage with a full wrap with complex designs can go upwards to £3500 for vans and trucks.

Bear in mind that installation costs for vehicle signage require the following:

  • Design time
  • Materials
  • Printing time
  • Prep and Installation
  • Size of the Vehicle
  • Labour
  • The durability of the product (cast/calendered vinyl)

If you are curious about the cost of getting vehicle signage done, you can get a free quote from us.

Need help with designing your vehicle signage?

We are happy to design your decal or graphic for your vehicle at a charge of £80 + VAT, this includes 3 FREE alterations. Any additional alterations after that will be charged at an hourly rate of £40 per hour.

No artwork? No problem! Here At Auto Wrap Manchester, we have a dedicated in-house graphic designer. You will find they are more than able to meet your unique needs. You can guarantee complete professionalism and time-earned expertise.

Our team of sales managers, graphic designers, and vehicle signage fitters work on-site in our design studio, creating high-impact, eye-catching, innovative artwork to promote your business. In fact, we can work with you from concept to campaign planning, throughout the entire creative process.

How to use our graphic design services?

When placing your order, uploading any logos or images you would like us to use is easy. All you have to do is either email us, dropbox, WeTransfer, or even google Docs to share your files and folders. And let us know if you have any preferences for colours or layout. Within a couple of days, we’ll email you a design concept for you to proof. We’ll then amend your artwork as per your feedback, allowing for two lots of written amends or on-screen proofs, to ensure you are completely satisfied.

Do you offer a professional design service?

You can purchase our professional design services by the hour. Remember this is £80 + VAT and any additional alterations after that will be charged at an hourly rate of £40 per hour.

Our in-house designer uses Adobe Illustrator and can create a 2D PDF template for your approval. Our business sales manager will work closely with you to ensure our designer matches your brand’s typeface and colours.

Some of our design options are listed below:

Partial Wrap Design

  • Perfect for 15-25% vehicle coverage
  • Ideal with a wrap budget of £1-2k + VAT
  • Includes 3 rounds of design revisions
  • Test print of design prior to install

Half Wrap Design

  • Perfect for 25-50% vehicle coverage
  • Ideal with a wrap budget of !2-3k + VAT
  • Includes 3 rounds of design revisions
  • Test print of design prior to install

Full Wrap Design

  • Perfect for 75% – 100% vehicle coverage
  • Ideal with a wrap budget of over £4k + VAT
  • Includes 3 rounds of design revisions
  • Test print of design prior to install

What do I need to supply for a vehicle signage project?

Our graphic designer and our business sales manager will talk you through any deliverables. As a rule of thumb, we require a few things from you to allow us to start most projects.

Ideally, we need the following things:

  • All images should be in a CMYK format
  • All text/font type needs to be supplied
  • All colours should have a Pantone references number
  • All images should be in a high-resolution format with a transparent background

Any vehicle supplied to us should be delivered in a clean condition. Any supplied to us that isn’t clean of mud/dirt/bird droppings etc might incur a cleaning fee.

How long does vehicle signage last?

Leasing a fleet of vans and deciding on the choice of materials, durability, and the expectations of its lifespan. All have a factor to play in how long it will last. As well as how the product is cleaned and maintained.

Vehicle signage can be a quick and easy short or long-term solution for a brand’s marketing objectives. One that can help deliver a brand’s message. Many companies might change their fleet of vehicles yearly depending on the vehicle’s mileage. Therefore the choice of materials and how it is used is vital.

Some brands might need to have the ability to switch the vehicle signage after a few months. It all depends on their marketing campaigns and goals. Others might want something that will last and many vehicle signage wraps can last 5 years. Many brands typically update their designs every 3-5 years. For brands just having signwriting they can expect to get 5 years out of the graphics.

The length of time your vehicle branding lasts will depend on the type of product you choose. As well as how much wear and tear it gets while on the road. If you are leasing then it is likely that the product will last for the duration of the contract.

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