Top Ten Reasons For Having Vehicle Window Tinting

A silver car is parked in a showroom.

Here we have put together our top ten reasons for having your vehicle window tinting. With tinting film, we give a 10-year warranty so we want you to know your investment is going to last and why having them done is a long term benefit for you and your vehicle.

1. Prevents glare.

What is glare? In simple terms, glare is when an intense amount of light enters your eyes and interferes with your visual field. It affects your eye’s ability to manage it which results in discomfort and visibility becomes compromised. Glare can be dangerous in many different situations. Whether it is the sun’s glare or off a reflective surface, such as a wet road on a bright sunny day or if you live in snow-prone areas. The result leads to eye fatigue that can also cause migraines.

2. Makes for a more comfortable ride

Just like with tip number 1 car window tinting can also improve your driving experience and make it more comfortable. Having something as simple as a sun strip tint across the top of your front window screen can greatly cut down on overhead sun glares. Do bear in mind to check the legal requirements on the size of the car window strip before having them done.

3. Health

As we all know it’s important to apply sunscreen. Whether it is a hot sunny day or an overly overcast one, it’s good to protect your skin from the sun. Just like wearing sunscreen having a good set of window tints on your car can help cut down on harmful UV rays your body is exposed to while driving. These harmful rays can cause cataracts, wrinkles, skin damage, signs of accelerated ageing, and skin cancer. Having some level of the film is a great way of acting as a buffer between you and the sun that is harming your skin.

4. Safeguard

If the vehicle is involved in a car accident involving a smashed window it makes for a safer situation. As the shattered glass breaks, it should stay stuck to the film. Thus giving an extra layer of safeguard thanks to the window tint film added. And helping to prevent shattered glass from going all over the place when smashed. 

5. Interior

During the hot summer days, the combination of long exposure to UV rays and heat can cause problems to your interiors. Years of exposure can make parts of your interior fade or your upholstery damaged. Installing window tints can help to reduce this. Prolonging and benefiting the longevity of the upholstery from discolouration and damage such as cracked and dry leather.

BMW with 35 percent window tints with front door open showing the interior of the car.

6. Heat

We all know that feeling when getting into a car that has been sitting in the sun all day. You feel the heat when opening the door and the heat coming off the steering wearing. It’s not pleasant and makes for an unenjoyable ride. This is just as unpleasant for pets as it is for children or passengers. By adding window tints to your vehicle it can help reduce the amount of sun coming through and heating up the interior. Once added you’ll find the inside heat will reduce. Helping to make long car rides on hot sunny days more enjoyable. Not to mention any other people, or pets in the vehicle will feel much better too.

7. Appearance

From Limo tints that only allow 5% light transmission to 35-50% on the rear and sides, the window film instantly gives a new overall appearance to the vehicle. Each level of window tint gives the vehicle a stronger look and appearance.  

BMW - without window tints
BMW - with 35 percent window tinting on rear and side windows.

8. Privacy

We all know privacy is important and tinting increases that privacy. When wanting to keep prying eyes from looking in on your vehicle. And whether it’s from wanting to keep your loved ones or valuables safe. Tinting increases your privacy and reduces visibility on what is on the inside, thus making it more difficult for criminals to see an easy target.

Mercedes C220d with rear window tints.

9. Visibility

Before you get your windows tinting be aware of the visibility levels and legal issues when driving. If you think the level of tinted film on your vehicle might interfere with your visibility, perhaps consider a lighter shade of tint. Our most popular shade is 35%. 

We can do the following levels:

  • 5% Limo Black
  • 18% Dark (recommended)
  • 35% Medium Smoke
  • 50% Light Smoke

According to the government website vehicles were first used on 1 April 1985 or later. The front windscreen must let at least 75% of light through and the front side windows must let at least 70% of light through.

Find out more about Tinted vehicle windows: the law

10. Energy

Reducing interior heat can reduce fuel consumption by lowering the use of the AC. If you are finding that your fuel usage is being consumed more in the warmer months. If you keep trying to keep your vehicle cool then perhaps installing car window tinting can benefit you. This is thanks to the film lowering the number of UV rays heating up the interior of the vehicle.

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