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We offer a broad range of vehicle tinting services, all of which come with a huge 10-year warranty – we’re confident we won’t disappoint. You can have any combination of the below services. If you’re having a wrap or de-chrome with us, then ask our customer service team about tinting at the same time. If you have any questions about tinting, you can read the articles in this section, or speak to our team.

Tinting Services:

  • Window tints
  • Headlight tinting
  • Rear light tinting
  • Number plate tinting
A green car with the rear and passenger windows tinted in a dark shade

We have a wide variety of shades available in our tinting range, which we’d be happy to show you in-house. You’re welcome to come down and see us any time. Please see our opening hours, or speak to our sales team for more information! 

A car with the rear lights tinted
Mercedes with dark tinted windows

We can even drop you at the Trafford Centre while you wait, and collect you once your vehicle has been finished! We are also close to public transport spots, we are only a 13-minute walk or a few minutes drive from a tram stop or 1 minute from the nearest bus stop. We’re happy to drop you there, too! Now that’s a service you can’t beat. 

A grey car with the rear and passenger windows tinted
Audi S3 wrapped in 3M Fiery Orange, with tinted windows

Front Light Tints

If you’re after a simple change that can completely transform the appearance of your vehicle headlight tints could be it. This modification is a quick and cost-effective way of styling any vehicle but bare in mind they need to adhere to MOT regulations.

Headlight tinting gives your ride a sleek look on the road. It’s also a way to dim or change the colour of headlights. Your vehicle’s headlights can be an expensive component to replace when damaged. Having tint film over them can help give you peace of mind with added stone chip protection. The Tint film also helps to prevent a foggy, hazy appearance by protecting your lights from the sun’s UV rays.

The film can be manipulated easily and removed very easily if required. They are made from optically clear, extremely tough polyurethane film and fitted by a specially-trained installer.

Rear Light Tints

We have two different shades available to choose from, light or dark – and you can decide on the day so that you can have a look at both first.

We can remove any light tints in the future if you want to sell the car or change the tint. This means if your car is on finance, you don’t have to worry, as it’s not a permanent change.


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