A History of Vehicle Wrapping

Two men working on a car in a garage.

Well, vehicle wrapping has a much longer history than you might think!

In 1926 the Goodrich Corporation accidentally discovered the chemical used to create vinyl wrappings. It was called vinyl chloride and quickly found its place in the automotive advertising industry. 

At the time many companies would paint any graphic design or signage onto the vehicles. If a client wanted a custom look then their vehicle would have to be custom painted. The use of vinyl on automobiles would typically be used by wealthy clients.

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, there were big developments happening in the automotive world with vinyl and paint protection film (PPF). Many industries would start to see vinyl film used for speed stripes and decals on race tracks. As well as the PPF being used to help protect sports cars and military vehicles.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it all got more affordable and more accessible, but in the early 2000s there was a massive boom in vinyl again — but this time for personal consumer reasons, rather than advertising. It suddenly became apparent that there was a whole untapped industry within car customisation with vehicle wrapping.

So what are the benefits of wrap?

Well, there’s one big pro for many people: wrapping isn’t permanent.

It can be a lot of pressure to decide on a permanent new colour for your car. The option to remove the wrap is appealing to most people. Why commit if you don’t have to?

For those who’d like something a little more out there, like Wasabi Green or Roaring Thunder Flow or even a colour shift vinyl wrap then the options are nearly endless. It is a fact that wrapping your car is more affordable and being able to remove the wrap is considerably more attractive than painting. As anyone who’s sold a car will know, it’s easier to pass on a vehicle that’s in a more neutral colour. The vinyl wrap protects your original paintwork from scratches and damage, making it look newer for much longer!  

In fact, if you know you’d like a wrap, we’d always recommend buying whatever car you’re getting in black colour. It’s easiest to sell, and any remaining, unwrapped accents will go with whatever colour wrap you choose. 

What does Auto Wrap Manchester think is the biggest pro to vehicle wrapping?

Self-expression is just like it is in the same way that your choice of clothes, hobbies, and home decor express parts of yourself; a car can be a massive expression of originality for lots of people.

Vinyl wrapping gives you the freedom to express your originality. And bonus – it’s less limited than paint and easier to change when you’re ready for something new. 

If you’re looking for your car to represent yourself, then wrap is the way forward.

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