What are Vehicle Signage and Graphics?

Two vans parked in front of a garage.

Up and down the UK, cars and trucks travel all over the place. Some with advertisements placed all over them. Lorries and vans with brand names wrapped all around them not only make them stand out, but the detailed graphics and vibrant colours attract attention. Enough for you to notice and for the brand’s message to get across to those viewing it. 

That is the benefit of Vehicle Graphics and Signage added to your business’s fleet of vehicles. While automobiles have been used by businesses for a century, modern-day businesses use their automobile fleet to their fullest with professional vehicle advertising. 

With vehicle graphics and signage, you get to promote your business efficiently and affordably. And today through our post on Vehicle Graphics and Signage, we will tell you all about it.  

What is Vehicle Signage? 

Vehicle Signage is a way of advertising by utilising available blank spaces on a vehicle. By adding decals, wraps and stickers, brands can advertise their business and products using their available fleet. Not only does it help promote the company but also helps fully utilise their fleet and save money.

Unlike advertising billboards that are fixed to a location, transport and cargo vehicles roam around the city. Companies use this as an opportunity to promote their business by using their fleet as a moving billboard.

Vans and lorries have loads of potential for advertising. The fact that they have lots of white space all around them makes for a great canvas. This is perfect to add attractive advertisements to them while on the go. Although it may be hard to read the information while vehicles are moving. They garner a great amount of attention in traffic. This makes vehicle signage a very effective and affordable way of advertising that gets organic reach.

And since adding graphics to business vehicles is a one-time thing. Small business owners with just one or two vehicles can also benefit from vehicle graphics greatly.

What are Vehicle Graphics?

As mentioned in our other blog “A History of Vehicle Wrapping”. Putting graphics on the side of vehicles has been around for a while. And it can be traced back even further.

Ever since there have been horse-drawn carriages, railway carriages, you name it. People have been looking for ways to advertise their businesses and services on any transportation vehicle. These would have either been painted on or using water slide decals (or water transfer decals). During the 1950s vinyl was invited and the options to create new and exciting products and services became endless.

So what is vehicle signage exactly? Well. it’s any type of graphic design, font, or imagery that has been applied to a vehicle. This could be used to help promote your brand’s message.

It could either be the use of; decals, custom-printed vinyl, or stickers. These can be applied to any available space on a vehicle that helps with advertising.

Utilising any available vehicle space for branding is a great use of mobile advertising. It makes your brand stand out in the crowd. And spreads your words to those that might not have been aware of your brand. 

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