Paint Protection Film FAQ

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How long does paint protection film last?

On average you are looking around 7 years and it all depends on the life of the vehicle, how well it is looked after, the amount of UV exposure and discolouration from the sun, wear and tear, debris etc. As well as how often the car has a detailing job done.

Preparing the bonnet of a bmw ix for ppf installation

Is PPF worth it?

When you buy a new car whether it is a luxury vehicle, executive, family, or an everyday run around. Having a PPF properly done on your vehicle is 100% worth it. Especially if you want to make your investment hold its value as long as possible.

When having PPF installed it’s worth checking to see if your vehicle needs some paint correction and deep cleaning before any installation. Here at Auto Wrap Manchester, we can recommend a highly sort-after car detailer that will help clear up any swirls or scratches that might show up.

BMW IX PPF installation

Can you remove the paint protection film?

We can remove the film, if you need yours removed feel free to contact us for a quote.

Does paint protection film scratch?

In terms of scratching the paint when being applied to the vehicle, no the installation of the PPF should not scratch your vehicle. 

Depending on the quality of the film, the thickness, and its properties the film can self-heal depending on the level of scratch, but the paint underneath the film should remain safe. As long as the inflicted scratch isn’t anything major and severely deep then the film could self-heal.

Having a PPF on your vehicle can protect against scratching caused by shopping carts accidentally lightly rubbing the vehicle, it can keep the paintwork free from swirls caused by car washing, and can help prevent any damage caused by bird droppings. It is designed to deflect most road debris.

BMW IX PPF installation

How To Wash And Care For A Car With Paint Protection Film

We could do a very big blog on this question but in a nutshell, the short explanation on how to wash and care for your newly installed PPF is to not wash your vehicle within 7 days of application.

The reason being is that you need to allow a curing time for the materials that have been applied to your vehicle. Especially if a ceramic coating has been applied as this will need time for the curing process to set for both the PPF and the ceramic coating.

BMW IX PPF installation

Can I put PPF on top of the Ceramic Coating?

Sure why not, but it would be better to give your vehicle a paint correction and a full car detailing. Rather than spend your money on a ceramic coating followed by a PPF installation followed by another ceramic coating, which is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to a vehicle’s exterior. 

What is Ceramic Coating?

It is a liquid polymer that creates a permanent hydrophobic surface. This makes your vehicle easy to clean and makes it more difficult for dirt, mud, and grime to bond with your car’s paint, or in this case the PFF.

Is ceramic coating and PPF worth it?

It helps double up the layer of protection when installed. It also helps reduce paint oxidation and protects the wrap from environmental damage. 

How long does ceramic coating last?

This all depends on the lifespan ratings from the manufacturer. Many brands can supply ceramic coating either as a spray or a serum. With a lifespan rating from 12 months up to 9 years depending on the product.

BMW IX PPF installation

Can I wax the PPF?

You can if you want to but bear in mind to make sure that the wax you will be using does not contain Kerosene or Naphtha over 5% concentration. 

The problem with using wax on PPF is that the application of wax can result in build-up along the edges of the film. This can become unsightly and make for a time-consuming effort to clean up. 

BMW IX PPF installation

Does PPF damage paint?

Whether it’s a vinyl wrap or a PPF installation the paint will only result in damage if the original paint was badly sprayed. If the vehicle’s paint was done poorly there might be a chance when the film is being removed that some paint gets removed too. Please keep this in mind as our team will do everything in their power to make sure nothing bad happens to your paintwork, but if the paint job has had a poor level of coating unfortunately we can not be responsible for any damages. Please make sure to inspect your vehicle before you book your vehicle into any PPF or vinyl wrap installer to avoid any future inconveniences.

Is Vinyl wrap the same as PPF?

Although they are similar in the fact they stick to a vehicle. There are some technical differences which make them two different products. A PPF is a thicker material. Vinyl can be decorated with graphics. And it is a thinner but also heavier material compared to PPF.

A PPF is stronger, lighter, and designed to help protect the vehicle from stone chips, light scratches, and bug splatter. Depending on the type of PPF it can also have healing properties when heated. PPF is a clear and transparent film whereas vinyl wrap is a none transparent film. PPF has to be installed wet, vinyl is installed dry. 

What types of PPF are there?

Clearcoat Gloss and a clear coat in satin Matte.


  • A transparent film with a glossy finish

Satin Matte 

  • Satin matte finish matching most factory matte paints or transforming glossy vehicle paint to a satin matte finish

Both are made up of the following layers:

  • Cap Sheet – Polyester
  • Clearcoat – Polyurethane
  • Film – Polyurethane
  • Adhesive – Acrylic PSA
  • Liner – Polyester
BMW IX PPF installation

Can I have paint protection film over my vinyl wrap?

The short answer is yes but deciding on which stage of having the PPF installed is very much up to you. It all depends on how often you might be planning to change the colour of your vehicle by having it wrapped.

For example, you could have PPF installed on your car either as a clear gloss transparent film or a satin matte. And then if you decide you want to change the colour of your car, you could then wrap over that PPF.

Whichever process you prefer we can do it for you. Having PPF on top of a vinyl wrap would ensure that the newly installed wrap is protected against stone chips and scratches.

BMW IX PPF installation

Why PPF before vehicle wrapping?

Applying a vinyl wrap to your vehicle does come with a risk as some paint jobs might have been done poorly. There are some cases where the paint gets removed when vinyl wrap is applied and adjusted.

Adding paint protection film first can shield your original vehicle paint from damage during the vinyl installation. If at some point you decide to have vinyl wrap over the PPF decide and at a later date to replace the vinyl. Then you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing the PPF layer which is already protecting the original paint.

BMW IX PPF installation

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